Who is a Tax Agents? Benefits for a Tax Agent and Client

A tax agent is an individual who is responsible to prepare the income tax returns to be filed for more than 10 taxpayers. A tax agent can be –

  • A Māori Trustee
  • A professional conducting occupation or business to prepare returns of income, or
  • A practitioner conducting professional practice


A tax agent can be a person, company, or partnership firm which meet the standards of definition as a tax agent under Sec. 34B(2) of Tax Administration Act 1994. There are different benefits for a registered tax agent and their clients as well.


Benefits for Registered Tax Agent

Here are the benefits for a registered tax agent –

  • Access through the tax agent service line to different automated services
  • An account manager is assigned to build relationship
  • Get all the answers and up-to-date information.
  • Have the tax information of your client that is sent to the agent and the client
  • Access to the resources and tools designed for you, and
  • Spread your filing throughout the year instead having it occurred on the peak period


Benefits for Clients

A registered tax agent can provide different benefits to the clients, for example, automatic time extension to file tax returns and provide immediate access to the tax details by offering approval.


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