The First Independent Digital Television Content Providers Of The Session

Image TV Content is king, hundreds of content Specialist Business gathered Shenzhen actually. May 17, 2009, the web of “digital television just your wonderful” independent writing providers Conference (ICVC) by using Shenzhen come to a finish. The General Assembly made by the world’s leading image TV value-added business technique and application development provider provider robust network (iPanel) Corporation, is the to start digital TV industry’s most well know independent content providers each of our General Assembly.

To try more state of the art business and more productive content to introduce internet television, the quest in support of value-added business model, first up new roads, “digital television by your wonderful” independent content providers a new General Assembly was incubated. best digital tv aerial , Shenzhen Radio TV Research Association, Tan popularity, digital tv shows technology research center related Tsinghua University Professor Wang Xingjun, chief engineer at Shenzhen Tianwei Video Company., Ltd. Xu country, Hangzhou, Japan General Manager of numerous value-added services ARMED while other invited in its meeting. Participate in this specific conference for Beijing Gehua, Shanghai Oriental Cable, Power cord Guangzhou, Chongqing Cable, Southern states interaction, a music material network of nearly fifteen major domestic carriers since well as from these game type, information type, payment type, audio on top of that video Class to generate leads over 100 classes then other kinds of written content service providers on part of 300 people.

Dialogue session will center of focus on the General System session to a climax, including cable TV site operators, content providers, offering guests dialogue, the digital photography television market demand written content service providers, how when you need to import a new actor digital TV industry, in which way the content of ones introduction of more as well as the better digital television bizz hot topics of dread to middle-industry representatives reported the two sides.Site definitely shows the UEI companies, satellite color network, $ 100 million mobile network, with Tokyo is over, truly to sing, family doctors, the media close you can the ground and fairly quickly realized the actual functioning characteristics of the implementation of applications. Successful surgical intervention of the application on the display, to the entire presence of hundreds off rich content providers to successfully revelation, the contents associated with the scene, said officials from business, on-site discussion of its inspired.

Jiangmen limited participants, said: “In the digital Tv set industry chain improvement process, the need for segment chain, close cooperation but hope that through doing this conference to further enhance the service operators and thus content of cooperation, will, no doubt be more better articles or blog posts into digital TV industry, and makes its belongings should realize the value for money chain to share that includes the entire value-added support attractive piece of white. “At operators and content specialists of the good communication and interaction between the parties to allow them to discuss a break, a person will can see the growth of digital TV value-added services need rich page content has become the production imperative. Indeed affect those body in the commercially made system, the digital tv set content development to feature integration within the companies is undoubtedly of perfect significance. As robust core predicted by the honest person, the conference xmas trees the digital television content and articles distribution and referral, in addition help operators and delighted providers to develop fresh, new ideas for value-added services, is a successful multi-win-win activities. In order in order to better promote the autonomous content providers and these exchange of all markets of industry, the files flow, robust network’s “digital value-added community” will end held in a huge selection of related activities crossways the country, as good deal more content providers Layout E- television to support specific outstanding application.