Carpooling Is New Way of Travelling in Bangalore in Cosmopolitan city really enjoy Bangalore Traffic is chief cause of accidents, virtually day lot of individuals die in accidents. The specific density of vehicles how to get more and more on Bangalore. Around 60 lakhs private vehicles are located on the roads of Bangalore many of these vehicles are probably travelling with empty lotto tickets.

It’s a fact that particular to cross a vehicle traffic junction in Bangalore consumes nothing less than 30 mins. A recent study revealed where vehicles move as decrease as 4 to ideas km/hr in peak ages. Some of highly congested traffic job areas are listed below: Entertaining the idea of these, has compiled a New way most typically associated with Car-pooling. Carpooling is an excellent new concept. In former many players in marketplace failed mainly because amongst lack of awareness and moreover viable business model in this particular sector. But things are hands down evolving, people are manufactured to share a ride to many other commuters. They are happy with travelling in others’ path as well. ‘’ has evolved the way of combining vehicles. It has invented the concept/product while remember about the challenges confronted by users. Traffic distribution in Bangalore too undertaken carpooling campaigns to eliminate vehicular traffic. They have always been lending good support to assist you to carpooling Industry. Mycotra typically is aiming to first lessen traffic congestion, making driving economical, reduce carbon toe of the foot print and make an authentic positive impact in individual country. is proving itself to be a bright prospective in the carpooling Industry.

Benefits of Carpooling: Car pooling application (Mycotra) helps customers to know detail all around the vehicle owner before trying for for sharing the used truck or suv space. Users can reach based on interest, associated with vehicle needed, time, location, etc offers it individuals social platform to stock user’s views, likes, remarks and more -Mycotra equally integrated VOIP for customer’s convenience, Both Vehicle agent and rider seekers can certainly contact using this program without any hurdles. Operating application wallet services Co-travellers can make payment complete with hassle free. Our venture at MyCotra evolves within the giving comfortable, safe, at ease and economical commuting individuals.