Aging in a Straightjacket How to Avoid Being Old

Lately asked my newsletter subscribers “What kind of help do you need but aren’t finding in your search for put old on hold”. One respondent replied, “How to stay young forever.”

Facetious answer? Doesn’t issue. Let’s be honest. Every woman (and probably every man) would prefer to stay young forever. While beauty is in a person’s eye of the beholder, most would agree that a dry, wrinkled, debilitated face and body is not appealing.

Women want stay away from becoming invisible. Men don’t look at an old or older woman, they look beyond her for something more visually appealing. Older women miss being looked at; that’s why they work so hard to stay attractive.

But not to fret — you can stay young forever.

First, let’s together with your face. You can purchase beauty same while you buy a car – on moment in time. Cosmetic procedures of all kinds come to be easier, safer as well as more affordable. When you appear as good on the outside of as you are healthy on the inside, nothing beats the “wow” effect of a successful cosmetic procedure. You might be back in sport.

Next, your body reveals what and the way that much you eat and if you pratice. If you can’t control food intake and are not motivated to exercise, you can always find a doctor who will suck fat out every inch of the system.

So much for physical beauty. It’s yours if you want it. You looks any way you want to look for as along as more powerful and healthier. You can keep guys gasping in wanton appreciation perpetually.

But you and i know that staying young forever isn’t all about giving the impression of a Barbi toy. There is something far more important.

It’s about being young inside. It’s being 40-50 with “insides” that function like a 25-year old. And the sole way you are in order to achieve that really conscientious attention to how you treat your body day in and afternoon. There is no magic pill. No doctor can offer a lending product for you.

Having “young insides” includes having an adolescent attitude. If foods high in protein control what passes on in your head, you have it made.

You have to work at having a fresh attitude because all things in our society militates against it. Once past midlife, tradition dictates that you think, act, dress, walk and talk in socially accepted ways. It’s staying straightjacket; the older you get the tighter the straps on the straightjacket squeeze the young attitude out individuals.

You have to hold on to onto a young attitude while you still have one. After it’s lost it’s in order to get it before.

Once you get to seniorhood, a young attitude is severely challenged. You begin to do “senior” things: you go into the senior center with like-minded friends, remember the past, and trade stories about aches, pains and doctors. judi casino online go to bingo and the casino and do other socially accepted but stagnating things women your age are supposed to enjoy doing. By the way – nothing wrong with bingo and all of them the rest. It is simply “old” behavior. Minor longer . don’t do it.

You accept the culturally imposed straightjacket as “this may be the way it’s supposed to be.” With each passing year, the straps on the straightjacket continue to tense up. Your reflection in the mirror gradually becomes that of a squeezed, drained, blank, little old guy.

Here’s the antidote: Don’t allow your young attitude end up being hijacked by outdated cultural norms.

One of method ways to avoid an old mindset is to choose friends very carefully. If you are 50 and associate primarily with other 50 year olds, certainly adopt an old attitude before perception it. We study each other. We copy each other’s behaviors; we adopt each other’s thinking.

Even if you are the gutsiest, hippest role model in your group, straightjacket thinking will catch lets start on you because ultimately, it’s easier to fit in than regarding different.

I’ve said it before: To stay young mentally, regular association with small is a must. But don’t wait for them to are available. Young people hang with other young people. have the maturity to pursue and value older friendships.

If you still work and meet younger people, you enter luck. If you retired, get a new job that puts you in contact with young people. Settle for school or volunteer to mentor small. I can’t stress too much critical this is so that you can maintain a young attitude and outlook on life.

I know therefore the value for being around young folk. You won’t always like what you see or hear; you might be dismayed by some of their ideas and behaviors, but you will benefit from their energy, enthusiasm and openness. It will force you to rethink the social straightjacket thinking society foists on people as they progress through stages of aging past midlife.

A bonus: Inside your maintain a young attitude, and you desire a significant other, your chances of catching a “live one” escalate astronomically! Remember, youthfulness attracts youth; “oldness” attracts what is old.